Source code for pyro.ops.jit

import weakref
import torch

import pyro
import pyro.poutine as poutine

class CompiledFunction(object):
    Output type of :func:`pyro.ops.jit.compile`.

    Wrapper around the output of :func:`torch.jit.compile`
    that handles parameter plumbing.

    The actual PyTorch compilation artifact is stored in :attr:`compiled`.
    Call diagnostic methods on this attribute.
    def __init__(self, fn, **jit_options):
        self.fn = fn
        self._jit_options = jit_options
        self.compiled = None
        self._param_names = None

    def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs):

        # if first time
        if self.compiled is None:
            # param capture
            with poutine.block():
                with poutine.trace(param_only=True) as first_param_capture:
                    self.fn(*args, **kwargs)

            self._param_names = list(set(first_param_capture.trace.nodes.keys()))

            weakself = weakref.ref(self)

            def compiled(unconstrained_params, *args):
                self = weakself()
                constrained_params = {}
                for name, unconstrained_param in zip(self._param_names, unconstrained_params):
                    constrained_param = pyro.param(name)  # assume param has been initialized
                    assert constrained_param.unconstrained() is unconstrained_param
                    constrained_params[name] = constrained_param

                return poutine.replay(
                    self.fn, params=constrained_params)(*args, **kwargs)

            self.compiled = compiled

        param_list = [pyro.param(name).unconstrained()
                      for name in self._param_names]

        with poutine.block(hide=self._param_names):
            with poutine.trace(param_only=True) as param_capture:
                ret = self.compiled(param_list, *args, **kwargs)

        new_params = filter(lambda name: name not in self._param_names,

        for name in new_params:
            # enforce uniqueness
            if name not in self._param_names:

        return ret

[docs]def compile(fn=None, **jit_options): """ Drop-in replacement for :func:`torch.jit.compile` that works with Pyro functions that call :func:`pyro.param`. The actual compilation artifact is stored in the ``compiled`` attribute of the output. Call diagnostic methods on this attribute. Example:: def model(x): scale = pyro.param("scale", torch.tensor(0.5), constraint=constraints.positive) return pyro.sample("y", dist.Normal(x, scale)) @pyro.ops.jit.compile(nderivs=1) def model_log_prob_fn(x, y): cond_model = pyro.condition(model, data={"y": y}) tr = pyro.poutine.trace(cond_model).get_trace(x) return tr.log_prob_sum() """ if fn is None: return lambda fn: compile(fn, **jit_options) return CompiledFunction(fn, **jit_options)