Source code for pyro.generic

import importlib

from contextlib import contextmanager

[docs]class GenericModule(object): """ Wrapper for a module that can be dynamically routed to a custom backend. """ current_backend = {} _modules = {} def __init__(self, name, default_backend): assert isinstance(name, str) assert isinstance(default_backend, str) self._name = name GenericModule.current_backend[name] = default_backend def __getattribute__(self, name): module_name = super(GenericModule, self).__getattribute__('_name') backend = GenericModule.current_backend[module_name] try: module = GenericModule._modules[backend] except KeyError: module = importlib.import_module(backend) GenericModule._modules[backend] = module return getattr(module, name)
[docs]@contextmanager def pyro_backend(*aliases, **new_backends): """ Context manager to set a custom backend for Pyro models. Backends can be specified either by name (for standard backends) or by providing a dict mapping module name to backend module name. Standard backends include: pyro, minipyro, funsor, and numpy. """ if aliases: assert len(aliases) == 1 assert not new_backends new_backends = _ALIASES[aliases[0]] old_backends = {} for name, new_backend in new_backends.items(): old_backends[name] = GenericModule.current_backend[name] GenericModule.current_backend[name] = new_backend try: yield finally: for name, old_backend in old_backends.items(): GenericModule.current_backend[name] = old_backend
_ALIASES = { 'pyro': { 'pyro': 'pyro', 'distributions': 'pyro.distributions', 'infer': 'pyro.infer', 'optim': 'pyro.optim', }, 'minipyro': { 'pyro': 'pyro.contrib.minipyro', 'infer': 'pyro.contrib.minipyro', 'optim': 'pyro.contrib.minipyro', }, 'funsor': { 'pyro': 'funsor.minipyro', 'infer': 'funsor.minipyro', 'optim': 'funsor.minipyro', 'distributions': 'funsor.distributions', }, 'numpy': { 'pyro': 'numpyro.compat.pyro', 'distributions': 'numpyro.compat.distributions', 'infer': 'numpyro.compat.infer', 'optim': 'numpyro.compat.optim', }, } # These modules can be overridden. pyro = GenericModule('pyro', 'pyro') distributions = GenericModule('distributions', 'pyro.distributions') infer = GenericModule('infer', 'pyro.infer') optim = GenericModule('optim', 'pyro.optim')