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# Copyright (c) 2017-2019 Uber Technologies, Inc.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

import torch
from torch.distributions import constraints
from torch.nn import Parameter

from import Kernel
from pyro.nn.module import PyroParam

[docs]class Coregionalize(Kernel): r""" A kernel for the linear model of coregionalization :math:`k(x,z) = x^T (W W^T + D) z` where :math:`W` is an ``input_dim``-by-``rank`` matrix and typically ``rank < input_dim``, and ``D`` is a diagonal matrix. This generalizes the :class:`` kernel to multiple features with a low-rank-plus-diagonal weight matrix. The typical use case is for modeling correlations among outputs of a multi-output GP, where outputs are coded as distinct data points with one-hot coded features denoting which output each datapoint represents. If only ``rank`` is specified, the kernel ``(W W^T + D)`` will be randomly initialized to a matrix with expected value the identity matrix. References: [1] Mauricio A. Alvarez, Lorenzo Rosasco, Neil D. Lawrence (2012) Kernels for Vector-Valued Functions: a Review :param int input_dim: Number of feature dimensions of inputs. :param int rank: Optional rank. This is only used if ``components`` is unspecified. If neigher ``rank`` nor ``components`` is specified, then ``rank`` defaults to ``input_dim``. :param torch.Tensor components: An optional ``(input_dim, rank)`` shaped matrix that maps features to ``rank``-many components. If unspecified, this will be randomly initialized. :param torch.Tensor diagonal: An optional vector of length ``input_dim``. If unspecified, this will be set to constant ``0.5``. :param list active_dims: List of feature dimensions of the input which the kernel acts on. :param str name: Name of the kernel. """ def __init__( self, input_dim, rank=None, components=None, diagonal=None, active_dims=None ): super().__init__(input_dim, active_dims) # Add a low-rank kernel with expected value torch.eye(input_dim, input_dim) / 2. if components is None: rank = input_dim if rank is None else rank components = torch.randn(input_dim, rank) * (0.5 / rank) ** 0.5 else: rank = components.size(-1) if components.shape != (input_dim, rank): raise ValueError( "Expected components.shape == ({},rank), actual {}".format( input_dim, components.shape ) ) self.components = Parameter(components) # Add a diagonal component initialized to torch.eye(input_dim, input_dim) / 2, # such that the total kernel has expected value the identity matrix. diagonal = ( components.new_ones(input_dim) * 0.5 if diagonal is None else diagonal ) if diagonal.shape != (input_dim,): raise ValueError( "Expected diagonal.shape == ({},), actual {}".format( input_dim, diagonal.shape ) ) self.diagonal = PyroParam(diagonal, constraints.positive)
[docs] def forward(self, X, Z=None, diag=False): X = self._slice_input(X) Xc = X.matmul(self.components) if diag: return (Xc**2).sum(-1) + (X**2).mv(self.diagonal) if Z is None: Z = X Zc = Xc else: Z = self._slice_input(Z) Zc = Z.matmul(self.components) return Xc.matmul(Zc.t()) + (X * self.diagonal).matmul(Z.t())