Source code for pyro.distributions.torch

import torch
from torch.distributions import constraints

from pyro.distributions.constraints import IndependentConstraint
from pyro.distributions.torch_distribution import TorchDistributionMixin

# This overloads .log_prob() and .enumerate_support() to speed up evaluating
# log_prob on the support of this variable: we can completely avoid tensor ops
# and merely reshape the self.logits tensor. This is especially important for
# Pyro models that use enumeration.
[docs]class Categorical(torch.distributions.Categorical, TorchDistributionMixin): def log_prob(self, value): if getattr(value, '_pyro_categorical_support', None) == id(self): # Assume value is a reshaped torch.arange(event_shape[0]). # In this case we can call .reshape() rather than torch.gather(). if not torch._C._get_tracing_state(): if self._validate_args: self._validate_sample(value) assert value.size(0) == self.logits.size(-1) logits = self.logits if logits.dim() <= value.dim(): logits = logits.reshape((1,) * (1 + value.dim() - logits.dim()) + logits.shape) if not torch._C._get_tracing_state(): assert logits.size(-1 - value.dim()) == 1 return logits.transpose(-1 - value.dim(), -1).squeeze(-1) return super(Categorical, self).log_prob(value) def enumerate_support(self, expand=True): result = super(Categorical, self).enumerate_support(expand=expand) if not expand: result._pyro_categorical_support = id(self) return result
[docs]class MultivariateNormal(torch.distributions.MultivariateNormal, TorchDistributionMixin): support = IndependentConstraint(constraints.real, 1) # TODO move upstream
[docs]class Independent(torch.distributions.Independent, TorchDistributionMixin): @constraints.dependent_property def support(self): return IndependentConstraint(, self.reinterpreted_batch_ndims) @property def _validate_args(self): return self.base_dist._validate_args @_validate_args.setter def _validate_args(self, value): self.base_dist._validate_args = value
# Programmatically load all distributions from PyTorch. __all__ = [] for _name, _Dist in torch.distributions.__dict__.items(): if not isinstance(_Dist, type): continue if not issubclass(_Dist, torch.distributions.Distribution): continue if _Dist is torch.distributions.Distribution: continue try: _PyroDist = locals()[_name] except KeyError: _PyroDist = type(_name, (_Dist, TorchDistributionMixin), {}) _PyroDist.__module__ = __name__ locals()[_name] = _PyroDist _PyroDist.__doc__ = ''' Wraps :class:`{}.{}` with :class:`~pyro.distributions.torch_distribution.TorchDistributionMixin`. '''.format(_Dist.__module__, _Dist.__name__) __all__.append(_name) # Create sphinx documentation. __doc__ = '\n\n'.join([ ''' {0} ---------------------------------------------------------------- .. autoclass:: pyro.distributions.{0} '''.format(_name) for _name in sorted(__all__) ])